How To Make A Small Batch Of Cold Brew Coffee

Small Batch Cold Brew Coffee

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold Brew Coffee is a way of brewing your coffee without having to use a coffee maker or hot water. It is very simple and the results actually give you a stronger, more concentrated, cup of coffee than brewing with hot water. This is super important to note. Since the coffee is stronger, you will want to dilute it which is why it is used for iced coffees (the ice naturally melts thus diluting the coffee a little, but you may want to dilute it further for your liking). If not, you will have very concentrated coffee which you may enjoy, but not everyone is expecting it so just keep that in mind. (I am a “I like a little coffee with my milk” kind of person so I don’t have a problem with diluting it. I still get a very strong coffee taste even with all the milk that I add.)

What do you need to make Cold Brew Coffee?

  • The coffee of your choice (I buy a pound of my favorite already ground, but you can always grind your own if you are into that.)
  • A container with a lid to hold your cold brew in (I just use a storage container because I isn’t a large volume at one time.)
  • Water: Room temperature water is good. It shouldn’t be hot and not necessarily cold
  • A fine mesh sieve, funnel or something similar
  • CheeseclothCoffeeSock, Filters or paper towels
  • A second container to pour your Cold Brew into

Steps for making Cold Brew Coffee:

  1. Measure out your water and coffee.
    • I did 2 oz of coffee to 8 oz of water. It may take some experimenting to get it just the way you like it. Since I wanted a small amount of Cold Brew, these measurements worked for me.)
  2. Mix coffee and water into you container. The coffee will want to float on top of the water, just stir it in as best as you can.
  3. Let it sit. Just put the lid on it and let it sit on your counter for 12-24 hours.

    Cold Brew Coffee After Brewed

    This is what it looked like the morning after

  4. After it is done brewing on your counter, place your cheesecloth, CoffeeSock, or paper towels into a funnel or fine mesh sieve. (Your goal is to keep the grounds separate from your finished coffee.)
  5. Then, just pour your coffee into your separate funnel or sieve into your second container.
    • It may take a little while depending on how much you have made.
    • You may need to put the last bit with a spoon or squeeze your cheesecloth, etc. to be sure you have extracted as much liquid as you can
    • I just used a bowl as my second container here and used a funnel to get it into my cup

      Cold Brew Coffee Cheesecloth

      Making sure I get all the liquid out

  6. And there you have it! Cold Brew Coffee!
    • Pour what you want to use over ice and add what you’d like. (Remember though, it is concentrated)
    • I mixed what I had brewed with 2 tablespoons of condensed milk, 2 teaspoons of sugar and filled the rest of my cup with milk.

      Cold Brew Coffee

      This was my before and after adding what I like

Once you do that, you can take your leftover coffee grounds and reuse them in various ways (more on that in another post).

Leftover coffee grounds from cold brew coffee

Here is what was left after I got the liquid out. I will use them in other ways.


  • You can get a CoffeeSock ColdBrew Kit here

    • You can adjust this recipe if you want it stronger by adding a little more coffee or a little less water. Or if you want more than a cup you can double it, etc. This is just a starting point. I only wanted 1 cup of Cold Brew so this is the ratio I used and I did enjoy it.
    • Remember this is a concentrated form of coffee. If you forget, you will quickly remember once you take a sip of it
    • I have seen where the Pioneer Woman makes 2 gallons at a time and stores it in the fridge for up to a month in a tightly sealed container.
    • I do try to rewash my cheesecloth and reuse it
    • I think this would be great if you do overnight oats. Just do your oats and cold brew coffee at night and you will have breakfast in the morning.
    • Cheesecloth is super a super inexpensive option to buy as a filter. You can get it here

I am a cold coffee drinker. Don’t give me the hot stuff. I do not want to sip it. I want to drink it. Cold brew coffee gives me the option of having my coffee the way I like it without having to wait for it to cool off. Better yet, it is super easy to make and you can recycle the grounds you used to make it!

Just a tip of how I take my coffee normally compared to Cold Brew- I usually do about 6 oz hot coffee, 2 teaspoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons of creamer and fill the rest up with cold milk (I use a big mug).

Let me know if you have any suggestions to this recipe or if you try it and like it or how you like your cold brew!

Have A Lovely Day!


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    This looks delicious and I’ve always wanted to learn to make cold brew coffee! My husband loves his coffee and has to drink it cold, even in the colder seasons. So this is super useful!

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