How To Clean Bath Jets + Tips

Cleaning Bath Jets How To + Tips

Why clean your bathtub jets?

Over time and usage, your jet system can and will start to grow bacteria. Just think about it, every time you use your tub,  warm water enters the system. The water then stays in the pipes that connects your system. With time, this water will begin to grow all sorts of potentially harmful bacteria that will in turn end up in your bath water. What is the point of trying to get clean in dirty water?

How do you know it is time to clean your jets?

Here are a few good times to clean your bathtub jets:

  • When you buy a previously owned house with a jetted bathtub. You do not know who has been in that tub or how often the previous owners cleaned the system.
  • If it has been awhile, you may notice black particles floating in your bath water (even if you aren’t using your jets)
  • You may also see black marks on your tub surface. It is almost like a little grease spot that smears when you wipe it.
  • As general maintenance. I would say cleaning your bath jets should be done at least once every 6 months.

Steps for cleaning your bath jets:

  1. Fill up tub with hot water. The water must be at least covering the jets, but I would say 1-2 inches higher for good measure.

    How To Clean Tub Jets + Tips

    Might as well enjoy some coffee while waiting

  2. Add cleaner to your tub. There are several options you can choose from when doing this. The last time I cleaned my bathtub jets I used a product I found on Amazon called Oh Yuk Jetted Tub System Cleaner. Bath Tub Jet CleanerI have used Cascade (powdered dish washing soap). There are also options that include bleach. There are even options using “natural” products. Just whatever you do, DO NOT USE SOMETHING THAT MAKES BUBBLES (You will have a bigger mess if you do).
  3. Run the jets for 15 minutes.
  4. Turn the jets off and drain the water.How To Clean Tub Jets + Tips
  5. Spot clean whatever mess you were left with.
  6. Next, I would remove the jets (if you can figure out how and clean these really good and the holes you took them out of). If not, at the very least, I would scrub around them.

    How To Clean Bath Jets + Tips

    Jets Once Removed

  7. Re-Install Jets

    How To Clean Bath Jets + Tips

    *To Remove and Re-Install Jets, Twist on Tabs on The Circle Piece That Fits Over Jet

  8. Refill the tub with water again, covering the jets + 1-2 inches
  9. Run the system for another 15 minutes or so to get whatever cleaner you used, out of the lines.
  10. Spot clean your tub surface again.


    • Tie a string around your drain plug (if you normally have to open the drain by hand underwater). This will allow you to open the drain without having to stick your hand in the hot water and mess.
    • You can use a Baby Bottle Brush to clean around the jets and the opening behind them (if you are able to take them out).
      How To Clean Bath Jets + Tips

      Bottle Brush

      How To Clean Bath Jets + Tips

      Filth Behind Jets

      How To Clean Bath Jets + Tips

      How To Clean Bath Jets + Tips


    • You can use a thinner Nipple Cleaning Brush/ Straw Cleaning Brush to clean the tiny holes and crevices of the jets.
      How To Clean Bath Jets + Tips

      Brush To Clean Jets


    • To Remove and Re-Install Jets, Twist on Tabs on The Circle Piece That Fits Over Jet
    • I did really enjoy the Oh Yuk Jetted Tub System Cleaner  (It has measurement lines on the back so you don’t need to use a measuring cup!)Oh Yuk Jetted Tub Cleaner
    • Be Careful Of O-Ring Located Behind Jets
How To Clean Bath Jets + Tips

All Clean!

Let me know what you use to clean your jetted system with and if you have any other tips and tricks that I didn’t mention! (This is my first jetted tub. I didn’t even know they needed to be cleaned!)

Have A Lovely Day!


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