Regrow Green Onions From Scraps

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Did you know there are many vegetables that you can regrow from the scraps? Green Onion (aka scallions, spring onion or salad onion) has got to be the easiest to attempt this with (especially if you are new to Regrow Green Onion Scallion From Scraps

Benefits of Regrowing Green Onions From Scraps:

  1. Save Money: Getting multiple uses out of one purchase
  2. Recycling Food: You are essentially recycling your food by taking the pieces you would have likely just tossed out and reusing them for more product.
  3. Knowledge: Once you re-sprout your onion, you will know what chemicals you will be adding or not adding (I don’t think they will need chemicals added once you start regrowing them)
  4. Experiment: If you have children, this could be a fun science lesson for them. They are very fast growing. You can literally see new growth within 1 day.
  5. It is something that can be done from your kitchen window.

How To Regrow Green Onions From Scraps:

  1. First you need to purchase your green onions from the store.
  2. Use what you need. Trim it about 2 inches from the root on the white part. (If they are starting to get old, you can chop them and freeze them)Green Onion Scallion Roots
  3. Put your roots in a cup of water.

    Green Onion Roots In Water

    Its like a green onion swimming pool

  4.  Watch them grow!
Regrow Green Onion Scallion Day One

Growth At The End Of Day 1

Regrow Green Onion Scallion Day Three

Growth On Day 3

A Few Notes:

  • Change out water every few days so that roots don’t get slimy
  • Replant in soil after a week or so
Regrow Green Onion Scallion 1 Week

Growth At 1 Week Going Into Soil

Now, I admit I just started this within the last week. I am not a pro gardener, but  this has been fun and at the very least. Nonetheless, I have gotten one more use out of my original purchase. I am keeping my dollars in my pocket instead of putting them in someone else’s.

I will update the growth and care of the plants as I see fit.

Have A Lovely Day!


P.S. Let me know what you are growing in your garden this year or if you’ve regrown your veggies from scraps.